MobiControl v15.2.3 Release Notes

15.2.3 Build 1033 on October 28, 2020

MD5 Checksum: 6d448b9887aee4f5cc791f6dea653941

Upgrade Considerations

SOTI MobiControl's minimum system requirements have been updated as of 15.2.0 to .NET Core 3.1, Windows Server 2016, and Microsoft SQL Server 2016 SP2 CU12.

Please note: We strongly recommend following the standard IT change control practices and testing of product upgrades in pre-production environments.

Contact SOTI's Professional Services and Support Team or visit the product documentation for information on proceeding with your upgrade.

Feature Enhancements

SOTI MobiControl now automatically configures the endpoint for the Modern iTunes search service (instead of hardcoding it).


The SOTI MobiControl Devices APIs now support the following data formats: application/xml and text/xml.

Issues Addressed

MC-109501 Managed apps installed on iOS devices were not removed when the devices were moved to a different device group
MC-109956 Deletion of virtual groups failed due to incorrect user group mappings
MC-110101 No notifications appeared in the console for unanswered surveys
MC-110510 The installer updated the SQL compatibility mode to 2012 while the value should have been 2016 as of 15.2.0
MC-110614 The console threw an error in response to the full application path in the Assigned Access Rights profile configuration for the Windows Modern platform due to invalid regular expression
MCMR-22682 The Application Run Control policy showed as installed while the restrictions it had imposed were not enforced
MCMR-22998 Package update in the console failed if the package creator was no longer a SOTI MobiControl user
MCMR-23127 The Japanese version of UI contained inaccuracies
MCMR-23167 Upgrade from v13.4 to v15.1.2 failed due to the profile clean-up process included in the installer
MCMR-23667 A Management server error appeared in the console on package upload
MCMR-23671 Remote control stopped working until services were restarted
MCMR-23744 Macro for Certificates under the Application Catalog Rule App configuration did not work
MCMR-23784 False exit alerts were triggered when a Windows 10 device was located inside a geofence
MCMR-24134 After upgrade to 15.1 or 15.2, the Shared Device UI and search functioned incorrectly
MCMR-24280 Duplicate alerts were generated for the Device Connected/Disconnected event
MCMR-24341 Profiles using LDAP user groups assignments were revoked after SOTI MobiControl was upgraded to version 15.0 or higher