MobiControl 15.3.1 Release Notes

Version 15.3.1 Build 1151 on April 7, 2021

Please note: We strongly recommend following the standard IT change control practices and testing of product upgrades in pre-production environments.

Contact SOTI's Professional Services and Support Team or visit the product documentation for information on proceeding with your upgrade.

Important Notes About This Release

SOTI MobiControl now offers granular permissions for Directory Services:

  • View Directory Services: Allows users to view the existing Directory Service configurations
  • Lookup Directory Users and Groups: Allows users to query a Directory Service configuration for users and user groups

Default installation of SOTI MobiControl grants the “Manage Directory Services” permission to the “MobiControl Administrators” group. We encourage you to review permissions after upgrading to this release.

Upgrade Requirements

SOTI MobiControl's minimum system requirements have been updated as of 15.2.0 to .NET Core 3.1, Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft SQL Server 2016 SP2 CU12.

Apple Platform Improvements

  • SOTI MobiControl’s communication with Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) is redesigned to significantly improve the performance of Apple device check-ins.
  • The whitelisting and blacklisting capabilities in the Application Run Control policy for iOS now allow you to restrict web clips on iOS devices.
  • The Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) configuration in Global Settings now displays the APNS certificate serial number.
  • To facilitate troubleshooting of managed apps on iOS devices, you can now remove an individual managed app from an iOS device.

Resolved Isues

MC-105318 Virtual groups did not show devices when filter criteria included the Certificate field
MC-107837 The Device Agent and Plugin dialog showed plugin versions older than those that were available
MC-111228 Updates of user information in the Security tab of the SOTI MobiControl console caused the “Contract Validation Exception” error
MC-111560 The Profile Assignment Date field, once configured, could not be updated
MC-112333 Duplicate error messages were shown when uploading an invalid PEM file for Apple Push Notification Service, App License Management, or Automated Device Enrollment accounts in Global Settings
MC-115945 Characters were deleted in the Email Configuration dialog after the “less than” character (“<”) was entered
MC-116133 Deletion of Android Enterprise MGPA bindings failed after upgrading from version 13.4.0 to 15.3.0
MC-116426 Terms and Conditions updates were not reflected on devices during enrollment
MC-116431 Devices could be enrolled without accepting Terms and Conditions
MC-116521 iOS device check-in failed after the iOS App Policy was deleted
MC-117960 The SCEP profile payload displayed Certificate Authority templates discrepancies related to the SCEP client
MC-118189 A SCEP certificate template without “Use SCEP Client” toggle enabled was displayed in the iOS Add Device Rule dialog
MC-118323 The “Revoke ADCS DCOM certificate” action failed to revoke certificates for iOS devices
MC-118450 The “App Policies” section was missing from the “Configurations” tab for HoloLens devices
MC-118451 The Cloud Link Agent configuration for an LDAP Directory could not be removed once it was set
MC-118594 Upload of APK files via the Package API endpoint failed with a 400 error
MC-118771 The SOTI MobiControl console showed a blank page when a port other than 443 was configured to host the Management service
MC-121354 Automatic synchronization of the Automated Device Enrollment accounts did not occur upon start-up of SOTI MobiControl after upgrading from an older SOTI MobiControl version
MC-121493 The System Health Advanced Analytics charts did not load when language preferences for the SOTI MobiControl console were set to a language other than English
MC-122036 System Health displayed in English in the Spanish version of the SOTI MobiControl console
MCMR-23445 Users were unable to log in if one of the Deployment servers was offline in a multi-server environment
MCMR-23700 APNS certificates without private keys prevented installation of the iOS certificate profiles
MCMR-23953 Pressing down the TAB button on touchless Windows Mobile devices in the lockdown mode did not move the cursor to the next icon
MCMR-24268 The SOTI MobiControl console displayed incorrect lockdown payload installation status
MCMR-24463 The console showed non-existent versions of the PointMobile Android device plugin
Uploads of large packages (200MB+) failed with an “internal server error”
MCMR-24495 Use of the Advanced Search criteria caused performance issues in environments with large device counts (10K+)
MCMR-24919 Help file links did not work in the Japanese version of the SOTI MobiControl console
MCMR-24981 Users were unable to manually update the version of an iOS Custom App in an Application Catalog Rule (resolved in App Policy)
MCMR-24990 Search for IdP user groups failed in the “User Details” section of the Device dialog
MCMR-25035 Application sync in Android Application Catalog Rules returned an internal server error (resolved in App Policy)
MCMR-25038 The compliance status did not update when devices were unenrolled
MCMR-25103 The “Download CSV” action in the Export Device List dialog returned a browser error when the page was refreshed after the previous successful download
MCMR-25171 Android device sounds were disabled when the “Disable notification bar expansion” option was selected
MCMR-25320 The “Reset Account” device action failed when a new MGPA account was selected
MCMR-25462 Brackets in the Geofence Alert rule’s name caused the “Invalid name” error
MCMR-25516 PFX certificates without private keys prevented creation or modification of the iOS certificate profiles
MCMR-25590 Intermec Windows CE/Mobile devices failed to boot when an authentication profile with the “Integrate with Windows mobile device authentication subsystem” option was selected
MCMR-25634 The “Download as CSV” action via Advanced Search failed when the same user logged in more than once
MCMR-25653 Certificate deletion from a profile failed if a previous version of the same profile referenced this certificate
MCMR-26038 The Deployment server could not start due to an unhandled exception
The Japanese version of the SOTI MobiControl console contained translation inaccuracies