MobiControl 15.3.2 Release Notes

Version 15.3.2 Build 1072 on May 26, 2021

Please note: We strongly recommend following the standard IT change control practices and testing of product upgrades in pre-production environments.

Contact SOTI's Professional Services and Support Team or visit the product documentation for information on proceeding with your upgrade.

Upgrade Requirements

As of 15.2.0, SOTI MobiControl's minimum system requirements are: .NET Core 3.1, Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft SQL Server 2016 SP2 CU12.

Resolved Issues

MC-110238 Upload of the previously deleted packages failed
MC-119009 In cloud SOTI MobiControl instances, enterprise applications larger than 20MB failed to install on devices
MC-121246 During upgrade, the SOTI MobiControl installer displayed an incorrect error message when it had encountered a conflict in enterprise applications when migrating Application Catalog Rules to App Policies
MC-121463 After upgrade from 13.4.0 to 15.3.1, deletion of Managed Google Play (MGPA) bindings failed
MC-122101 Apple App Store license account deletion failed with the “registered user not found” error
MC-123533 Logs did not filter according to the date picker selection in the App Policy dialog
MC-123571 Duplicate entries were shown when searching for App Store apps in some iOS profile payloads, such as Application Run Control
MC-124025 Locate and Check-in device actions failed on Windows Modern devices if Windows Notification Service was not configured immediately after the SOTI MobiControl installation
MC-124286 Android Enterprise devices were not provisioned using barcodes generated by SOTI MobiControl Stage
MCMR-23425 Profile assignment failed when the assignment criteria was based on custom data filtering
MCMR-24297 SOTI MobiControl database was periodically switched to the “In Recovery” mode due to an SQL Server misconfiguration caused by installation of SOTI MobiControl 15.2.0
MCMR-24512 Apple App Store licenses (previously known as VPP) were unavailable for use after they had been revoked from Apple devices
MCMR-24639 The Agent Upgrade action failed on Windows CE devices
MCMR-24751 The F5 button did not work on Windows CE devices in the lockdown mode
MCMR-25042 The Sync Now action in the Search Index Sync portion of Global Settings synced the search index only up to 20% (instead of 100%)
MCMR-25326 MCMR-22412
The Japanese version of the SOTI MobiControl console contained translation inaccuracies
MCMR-25353 Windows CE/Mobile devices disconnected during printing jobs when the devices were in the lockdown mode
MCMR-25533 Enrollment of iMac Pro 13 devices via Device Enrollment Program failed
MCMR-25820 The SOTI MobiControl console displayed an incorrect number of logged in users
MCMR-26057 Devices were unenrolled after a server crash or a performance issue
MCMR-26254 The Manage Script dialog box did not load if all the existing scripts were deleted
MCMR-26379 The Shared Devices feature did not remove Microsoft accounts from Android devices when users logged out
MCMR-26434 Lockdown URL configurations were not launched if the URL contained the “?” (question mark) character
MCMR-26469 Android device migration to new servers failed
MCMR-26471 The Authentication payload failed to install, but showed the “Pending Install” status
MCMR-26529 Obsolete profile clean-up was not automatically executed on the database
MCMR-26576 The Feature Control payload containing accented characters failed to save
MCMR-26686 Editing profiles that contained a Wi-Fi configuration returned the “Sorry, something went wrong!” error
MCMR-26926 SOTI MobiControl upgrade from 15.3.0 to 15.3.1 failed due to database-related issues