MobiControl 15.3.3 Release Notes

Version 15.3.3 Build 1065 on July 26, 2021

Upgrade Requirements

As of 15.1.1, SOTI MobiControl's minimum system requirements have been updated to .NET Core 3.1 and Windows Server 2016.

Resolved Issues

The Japanese version of the SOTI MobiControl console contained translation inaccuracies
MC-123809 Data in the Message column of the Logs tab in App Policies was not translated correctly
MCMR-19854 Japanese characters were corrupted in Custom Data alert popup messages
MCMR-23921 Customers were unable to edit user permissions after upgrading their environment
MCMR-25845 Deletion of Content Library folders was unsuccessful if the folder contained 15 or more files
MCMR-26026 Console login was not successful when third party SSOs were used
MCMR-26281 The Device Details column did not populate when a Deployment Server was selected in the Servers tab of the console
MCMR-26380 The console showed incorrect user information in the “Created by” and “Last updated by” fields of a rule
MCMR-26769 The Management Service was stopping and restarting unexpectedly
MCMR-26774 The “Passcode enabled” field in the Device Details section was incorrectly set to “Yes” for some Samsung device models
MCMR-26858 The console returned “Error processing the form” when creating a Wi-Fi profile
MCMR-26863 The console showed an error when uploading an Identity Provider certificate
MCMR-26871 Windows CE devices entered a continuous boot cycle (boot loop) after the devices were migrated to another MobiControl instance
MCMR-27003 Customers with large device group counts (10k or greater) faced poor device group search performance
MCMR-27096 Device actions did not complete successfully after a device migration to another MobiControl instance
MCMR-27125 Custom type lockdown items displayed an error if the lockdown item value contained a blank space character
MCMR-27159 Wi-Fi payloads containing WPA PSK values did not configure Wi-Fi on Zebra Printer devices
The Deployment Server failed to process Android Enterprise-specific action, such as device enrollment or App Policy deployments in a timely manner
The search index did not update when the update method was set to Scheduled

Known Issues

MC-126811 Upon upgrade, the “Manage System Health” and “Manager Servers and Global Settings” permissions are not automatically granted