MobiControl 15.4.1 Release Notes

Version 15.4.1 Build 4828 on September 27, 2021

Please note: We strongly recommend following standard IT change control practices and testing product upgrades in pre-production environments.

Contact SOTI's Professional Services and Support team or visit the product documentation for information on proceeding with your upgrade.

Upgrade Considerations

  • SOTI MobiControl now requires a minimum of Java 11. You can choose either Oracle Java 11 or OpenJDK 11. Refer to Online Help for the OpenJDK 11 setup procedure.
  • Upon upgrade, SOTI MobiControl installer automatically rebuilds the search data. As a result, any saved System Health Advanced Analytics charts data will be lost.
  • If you are using a version of Cloud Link Agent (CLA) that is 3.x or lower, it must be uninstalled before installing and setting up CLA 4.0. If CLA 4.0 is not set up with SOTI MobiControl 15.4.x, any operation or functionality related to LDAP and AD CS will not work. For more information on CLA 4.0 setup, please refer to CLA 4.0 help.

General Improvements

SOTI XTreme Hub

  • You can disable the file transfer capability on a select SOTI XTreme Hub and block devices from using that SOTI XTreme Hub. You can also target specific Android and Windows CE/WM devices and block them from using a SOTI XTreme Hub to download files.
  • MobiControl search can be used to identify SOTI XTreme Hub devices that are active via the new “XTreme Hub Enabled” device property.


  • Feedback is provided in the SOTI MobiControl device activity logs when SOTI MobiControl fails to assign a user-based App Store license to a device user when the App Store is disabled.
  • You can now differentiate between WPA and WPA2 encryption methods in Apple Wi-Fi configuration profiles.

Resolved Issues

MCMR-27799 "Preserve Device Location" option could not be disabled for Add Device Rules on Zebra Printers
MCMR-27778 Protection of Application Catalog details in JSON format
MCMR-27854 Packages were re-installed intermittently on Windows CE devices
MCMR-28568 SOTI MobiControl help links navigated to an invalid URL
MCMR-26980 SOTI MobiControl Search Integrity did not reach 100% and resulted in missing devices
MCMR-26829 Client certificate keys were not cleaned by the deployment server resulting in accumulated data in the Crypto Folder
MCMR-27541 Some iOS App Catalog Rules were not migrated to App Policies when upgrading SOTI MobiControl from 15.2.1 to 15.3.1
MCMR-27906 The iOS Application Catalog page required lateral scrolling on smaller form factor iOS devices
MCMR-24850 SOTI MobiControl users could not access the Add Devices Rules even with appropriate permissions
MCMR-26900 “Android Enterprise Email Address” was not displaying as one of the configurable columns inside the column view settings on the Devices Listing page
MCMR-28561 Searching for LDAP user and group names with Cyrillic symbols generated "No matches found" result
MCMR-28310 Option to set the Assign Date of a profile did not save properly
MCMR-25582 The mail sync stopped working on Android Enterprise devices when ERG configuration "Device Exchange configuration must be provided by MobiControl" was enabled under Exchange Profile
MCMR-27681 Zebra LifeGuard OTA configuration did not reach target Android 10 devices
MCMR-26855 Content Library files did not correctly set the effective date when the SOTI MobiControl web console and SOTI MobiControl server were in different time zones
MCMR-26147 A warning was incorrectly presented to the user on iOS 13+ devices when SOTI MobiControl pushed an enterprise application of less than 200MB to devices that had the option “Ask if Over 200MB” selected in Settings > App Store App Download options
MC-123521 App Catalog Rules were not visible under the App Policies view after upgrade
MC-124683 SOTI MobiControl requested iOS 11+ devices to update App Store or custom applications even when the devices had a newer version installed
MCMR-27819 Custom data configured for devices was not exported as a column in the .csv file from the Devices Listing page
MCMR-27437 Profile Name was altered upon upgrading
MCMR-25546 Logged out SOTI MobiControl web console users were shown in the “Users Connected” section of the corresponding Microsoft Management server on the Web Console Global Settings page
MCMR-28076 Viewing report schedules resulted in internal server error
MCMR-28186 In the Add Devices Rule, device rename macros returned invalid output
MCMR-27002 The column containing the custom attribute “Code Site” was empty when a .csv list of all devices was exported
MCMR-28080 Android A10 devices were not enrolling into Zebra LifeGuard OTA



An Apple App Store License Management account could not be created using an Apps and Books token with no licenses for any app
MC-123532 Managed Google Play (MGPA) Apps were visible on the SOTI MobiControl Agent in devices enrolled as Android Enterprise without a Google Account
MCMR-28188 Upon upgrade, users were unable to access profiles containing filter criteria
MC-120972 Group search in all assignment dialogs (e.g., when assigning a profile) was slow
MC-125971 Browse File in App Policy was hidden after a language override
MCMR-28013 Device groups were being selected when trying to view child groups
























The Japanese version of the SOTI MobiControl console contained translation inaccuracies