MobiControl 15.4.2 Release Notes

Version 15.4.2 Build 1020 on December 22, 2021

Upgrade Considerations

  • SOTI MobiControl now requires a minimum of Java 11. You can choose either Oracle Java 11 or OpenJDK 11. Refer to our online help for the OpenJDK 11 set up procedure.
  • Upon upgrade, the SOTI MobiControl installer automatically rebuilds the search data. As a result, any saved System Health Advanced Analytics charts data will be lost.
  • If you are using a version of Cloud Link Agent (CLA) that is 3.x or lower, it must be uninstalled before installing and setting up CLA 4.0. If CLA 4.0 is not set up with SOTI MobiControl 15.4.x, any operation or functionality related to LDAP and AD CS will not work. For more information on CLA 4.0 setup, please refer to CLA 4.0 help.

Release Highlights

Windows 11 and Windows 10 21H1

SOTI MobiControl now officially supports the management of devices running the Windows 11 21H2 and Windows 10 21H1 operating systems.

macOS 12 Support

SOTI MobiControl now officially supports the management of devices running the macOS 12 operating system, having M1 as well as Intel processors.

Android Enterprise App Policy

When creating a new Enterprise App Policy, the deployment type will now default to ‘mandatory’ instead of ‘suggested’ to be more in line with the Managed Google Play Behavior.

Custom Attributes

Custom Attributes that are in use by devices, device groups, or profiles can no longer be edited (name or data type) or deleted to ensure no unexpected behavior occurs.

Resolved Issues

MC-138640 Log4j security vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228)
MC-135040 Upon upgrade, Active Directory users were not added to the web console
MCMR-22799 Android Enterprise agent upgraded when Managed Google Play Store policy had the Application Updates restriction set to “Never Update”
MCMR-24297 Database became stuck in “In Recovery” mode after server restarts
MCMR-24326 Some devices were incorrectly reporting a “SIM card inserted” alert repeatedly
Data Collection rule was not collecting location data
MCMR-26093 File Sync rule success was not logged
MCMR-26154 Profile assignment failed due to incompatible filter criteria
MCMR-26377 Custom Attributes containing an underscore character were not searchable
MCMR-26900 “Android Enterprise Email Address” was not displaying as one of the configurable columns inside the column view settings on the Devices Listing page
MCMR-26628 Managed App Configuration for Samsung Knox Service Plugin failed to save
MCMR-26748 Users could delete a package that had been deployed to a device
MCMR-27055 Parent folder was not shown as selected when a child folder was selected during assignment
MCMR-27308 Devices could not be sorted by “Android Enterprise Email Address” on the Device Listing screen
MCMR-27364 Configurations were not applied when an APN profile was installed
MCMR-27615 Users were unable to connect to Windows CE devices using legacy remote control
MCMR-27694 The Deployment Server would halt and require a restart after it loaded rules for devices
MCMR-27995 Device name was not set to the device’s ICCID number after enrollment
MCMR-28195 Windows Mobile devices failed to perform the “Upgrade Agent” device action
MCMR-28549 Advanced Configurations settings applied under Managed App Config were not retained on the web console
MCMR-28623 Apps could not be installed from the macOS Application Catalog
MCMR-28640 Profiles assigned to a searched group were incorrectly unassigned from groups not included in the device groups search
MCMR-28693 Web console became inaccessible due to a timeout in the Management Service
MCMR-28912 New Google IdP users were unsearchable on the web console
MCMR-28918 Profiles containing more than one instance of the same configuration payload (e.g., Web Clip) would not install on iOS 15 devices
MCMR-28960 The topic strings for Apple Push Notification Service were incorrect for the Japanese version of SOTI MobiControl
MCMR-29015 Windows Mobile devices were using more carrier data than expected
Multiple Fixes The Japanese version of the SOTI MobiControl console contained translation inaccuracies