MobiControl 15.4.3 Release Notes

Version 15.4.3 Build 1012 on March 28, 2022 - Download

SHA256 Checksum: C26E5BBF6F61DAC23E5DD7AC9CCB8D2C06B852BF8BEFA0E9B2AD9DE054B76640

Upgrade Considerations

  • SOTI MobiControl now requires a minimum of Java 11. You can choose either Oracle Java 11 or OpenJDK 11. Refer to our online help for the OpenJDK 11 set up procedure.
  • Upon upgrade, the SOTI MobiControl installer automatically rebuilds the search data. As a result, any saved System Health Advanced Analytics charts data will be lost.
  • If you are using a version of Cloud Link Agent (CLA) that is 3.x or lower, it must be uninstalled before installing and setting up CLA 4.0. If CLA 4.0 is not set up with SOTI MobiControl 15.4.x, any operation or functionality related to LDAP and AD CS will not work. For more information on CLA 4.0 setup, please refer to CLA 4.0 help.

Resolved Issues

MC-136938 Upgrade from SOTI MobiControl version 15.1 to 15.4 failed when Global Proxy settings were configured
MCMR-27191 Special characters could not be typed when remote controlling a Windows Classic device
MCMR-28643 The user was continuously redirected to the single sign-on page when they used web-based remote control
MCMR-28691 API documentation page was missing filter parameters for retrieving profiles (GET /profiles)
MCMR-29000 The management server was constantly logging 'Unauthorized access to API from IP Address' errors
New applications could not be added to existing app policies
MCMR-29160 Web console did not send device scripts to all devices
MCMR-29170 Bookmarks to internal websites could not be added to profiles
MCMR-29297 Existing user groups were not listed in the web console
MCMR-29321 IPA files could not be uploaded into iOS App Policies
MCMR-29336 After assigning a profile schedule, the user could not assign the profile again
MCMR-29362 Certificate authority requester name was not sent to the Active Directory Certificate services
MCMR-29371 Device content on the web console was not loading
MCMR-29399 Scripts could not be sent to multiple devices simultaneously through the web console
Zebra LifeGuard OTA Firmware updates were unable to complete
MCMR-29734 Action scripts were not displayed in the Manage Scripts dialog
MCMR-29901 iOS bypass Activation Lock failed to activate within the web console
MCMR-30008 Keyword searches on device groups did not show results of device groups that were inside a parent group
MCMR-30180 SOTI MobiControl instances with Apple devices experienced slow web console performance
MCMR-30193 Location services did not show device location icons