MobiControl 15.5.1 Release Notes

Upgrade Considerations

  • In SOTI MobiControl version 15.5.0 onwards, “GetDeviceGroupConfiguration” and “ApplyDeviceGroupConfiguration” APIs will require “Configure Devices/Device Groups” permission. This permission is automatically assigned to MobiControl Administrators, MobiControl Technicians and MobiControl Viewers roles. Custom roles must have the “Configure Devices/Device Groups” permission granted manually.
  • If you are using an older version of Cloud Link Agent (CLA) (e.g.,1.x, 2.x ,3.x or 4.0), you must upgrade to CLA 4.1. Before upgrading, you must uninstall the older version of CLA. If CLA 4.1 is not set up with SOTI MobiControl 15.5.0, any operation or functionality related to LDAP and ADCS will not work.
  • Windows CE/Mobile devices that reset to their default factory settings may be unable to reconnect to SOTI MobiControl 15.5.0 or later due to device date and deployment server binding certificate date being out of sync. Before you upgrade or generate a new certificate binding, you may need to set up a Network Time Protocol/Simple Time Network Protocol (NTP/SNTP) server. Having the SOTI MobiControl agent or device contact an NTP/SNTP server before connecting to SOTI MobiControl allows devices to retrieve the current date and time. Impacted devices can then connect to SOTI MobiControl successfully once they reset to the factory default date and time.

    For more information, see this article on SOTI Pulse.

Release Highlights

Native VPN Xauth PSK on Android Enterprise

You can now configure the native VPN Xauth PSK through profiles for Android Enterprise Work Managed devices with an OEM-specific plugin to secure the device network traffic.

Resolved Issues

MC-136705 Commands were still sent to iOS devices after receiving a ”NotNow“ response
MC-137154 Username and Email information in the User Details section of Device Details were incorrect
MC-138162 The Zebra agent would disconnect when reconnecting after a wipe
MC-140838 Bypass activation actions failed on some iOS devices
MC-141087 Some models and manufacturers were not listed correctly after installing local ABS
MCMR-27191 Special characters could not be entered when remote controlling a Windows Classic device
MCMR-28037 Devices could not switch from lockdown into Admin mode
MCMR-28691 Filter parameters for retrieving profiles were missing from API Swagger pages
MCMR-28693 The management service was raising a “The operation has timed out” error causing the web console to be inaccessible
MCMR-28862 Keyword searches on device groups did not show groups that were inside a parent group that users did not have access to
MCMR-29048 The Android device agent did not automatically upgrade following device enrollment
MCMR-29440 Scheduled reports with specific time stamps were triggered 24 hours late
MCMR-29694 Android Enterprise lockdown template information was not included in device reports
MCMR-29733 Zebra LifeGuard OTA Firmware updates were unable to complete
MCMR-29792 Windows Desktop Classic systems were not automatically logging in to the defined user on the next reboot
MCMR-29869 File Sync Rule copied files to devices regardless of the rule conditions
MCMR-30216 New profiles with packages could not be installed
MCMR-30271 Database nightly maintenance did not complete successfully
MCMR-30276 Bundle ID search operators were not available as filter options
MCMR-30377 Device enrollment required additional user confirmation to enroll devices