15.6.3 -- April 3, 2023

Release Highlights

Resolving Macros for Managed App Config in App Policy

MobiControl is now able to resolve macros that are used as part of any Managed App Config fields, found in the Advanced Configuration option of App Policies. Macros are resolved on device check-in and provide a broader range of utility for the Managed App Config fields. See our online help for a full list of available macros.

Resolved Issues

MCMR-30550 CSV downloads failed with "Network error" on MobiControl 15.4.1+
MCMR-31174 Device details were not updating correctly after device check-in
MCMR-32025 Editing profile permissions in case of duplicate directory groups names was failing on the Web Console
MCMR-33042 Custom lockdown template HTML files were being deleted automatically