15.6.4 -- June 26, 2023

Release Highlights

iOS 16 Support

iOS 16 is now officially certified and supported by MobiControl, making it easier than ever to manage your iOS devices.

Improvements to iOS Update OS Device Action

We have made significant improvements to the iOS Update OS device action. Changes of note include clarifying the OS Update Method text from "Download and Install the software update" to "Download or install the software update" to accurately reflect the action's functionality and resolving multiple issues related to statuses, ensuring that admins are now informed when an OS is successfully downloaded and when an OS install is complete.

Upgrade Considerations

  • If you are using AMAPI work profiles with the “Allow installation from Unknown Sources” toggle, you must revoke and reassign their Feature Control payload again after upgrading to 15.6.4 and above.
  • See the Upgrade Considerations for MobiControl 15.6.2 for a full listing of considerations applicable to this release.

Resolved Issues

MC-189460 Admins were not able to select Target Firmware for the Zebra Upgrade Firmware device action
MCMR-28887 The HTTP Only attribute was missing from web console cookies
MCMR-30840 Time Sync settings were not retained after device migration
MCMR-31174 Some fields under Device Details were not updating correctly after device check-in
MCMR-31761 Bulk Delete was unable to delete partial entries created when enrollment or re-enrollment failed
MCMR-32264 The ‘Installed Applications with Name and Version’ report could not be generated when an Android application whose name included Japanese characters was present
MCMR-32283 A new search certificate could not be generated after upgrading to MobiControl 15.6.0
MCMR-32441 SIM Card alerts were not being sent correctly
MCMR-32474 Zebra devices did not respond to requests to upgrade firmware
MCMR-32476 On some devices, the F5 Access app would loop on certificate selection and send too many certificates, causing connections issues
MCMR-32597 Device roaming status was reported incorrectly in MobiControl
MCMR-32755 Apple ADE users that could assign devices could also delete accounts
MCMR-32933 APN profiles were not installing correctly on iOS 16
MCMR-32979 The agent could not switch to Admin Mode on Android Enterprise devices when Application Run Control and Feature Control were applied without Lockdown
MCMR-33218 Zebra LifeGuard OTA sync status did not progress past Enrollment Pending
MCMR-33323 MobiControl roles could not be fetched for SOTI Identity users and groups
MCMR-33534 The compliance status in CISCO ISE and MobiControl did not match
MCMR-33544 Devices were not re-enrolling correctly after upgrading to MobiControl version 15.6.3