15.6.5 -- August 24, 2023

Release Highlights

Automatic Administrator Permissions for Remote Sessions

We’ve added the ability to grant device administrator permissions automatically to users without administrator rights when initiating remote control of a macOS device as a MobiControl admin. With this simplified process for granting needed permissions, such as those required for Screen Recording, the response time for accomplishing specific remote tasks or repairs is greatly improved.

Domain Name Support for 802.1x Enterprise Wi-Fi on Android

We’ve added a new mandatory field on the web console to specify the domain name when configuring an 802.1x enterprise Wi-Fi profile for Android. This ensures that the Android OS acknowledges the enterprise Wi-Fi configuration as secure and allows network connections on Android 11 and above.


Indoor Location

As part of this release, the functionalities of Indoor Location have been removed.

Resolved Issues

MCMR-32704 Update options were unavailable in Device Actions on macOS devices with available OS updates
MCMR-32911 Users were unable to edit Supported Devices in iOS App Policy Window
MCMR-33013 Last known device location was not being fetched on check-in
MCMR-33287 SMTP email prioritization was incorrect on scheduled report and alert events for email notifications
MCMR-33315 MobiControl Zebra Lifeguard OTA hyperlink within the web console (Global Settings) loaded into "404 not found" webpages
MCMR-33679 Profiles were getting stuck on 'Pending Install' status until the device was rebooted
MCMR-33777 Enrollment Policy permissions were not carried over after upgrading to MobiControl version 15.6.3
MCMR-33789 Devices were unenrolled and reenrolled again automatically without admin interaction
MCMR-33874 MobiControl was unable to periodically check for enrollment status from Zebra devices
MCMR-33875 802.1x Enterprise Wi-Fi configurations failed to install on Android 11+ devices that received Google’s OTA Android mainline April 2023 update. Please see this SOTI Pulse article for more information.
MCMR-33960 Wi-Fi profiles were incorrectly removed from some devices