15.6.6 -- November 28, 2023

Resolved Issues

MCMR-31774 UTC-6 time synchronization offset was incorrect
MCMR-33317 Android device enrollment event was not able to trigger Signal policies
MCMR-33327 User certificates were not installing when there was a comma in the subject name
MCMR-33516 Zebra LifeGuard OTA Sync sometimes did not complete correctly
MCMR-33679 Profiles would halt on 'Pending Install' status until the device was rebooted
MCMR-33835 Device location history was not viewable after upgrading
MCMR-33960 Wi-Fi profiles were incorrectly removed
MCMR-33989 Users were unable to upload APKs with missing namespaces as a package
MCMR-34030 Existing profile assignments were not populating when reassigning a profile after upgrade
MCMR-34317 Profile configurations were removed from the devices if the assignment of profiles was done on UI before proper rendering of profile configurations
MCMR-34332 Devices with a Microsoft Azure/Entra ID conditional access policy applied were experiencing a compliance failure
MCMR-34403 Zebra LifeGuard OTA became stuck on 'Sync is in progress' after a manual sync