1.0.1 -- January 23, 2023

Release Highlights

Line Intersection

With this upgrade, creating accurate maps has been simplified with the new line intersection feature. When a wall is created that intersects with another, a calculation in the background shows the exact measurements of the wall portions caused by the new intersection.

Drag and Drop Objects

All objects from the Objects panel can now be dragged and dropped anywhere on the canvas with just a simple click and hold of the mouse, making for a smoother, more intuitive user experience.

Select All

You can now select all objects on the canvas with the CTRL+A keyboard shortcut, making bulk scaling, editing, or deleting actions easier and more efficient.

Panning Improvements

Moving through portions of a canvas larger than your display has been improved with a new Pan Mode button positioned on top of the vertical toolbar. Switching easily between Pan Mode and Edit Mode provides a more interactive map drawing session, especially for larger maps.

Accessibility Improvements

We have improved accessibility for both single object selections and group selections of multiple objects. With minimal but impactful changes such as higher contrast, thicker lines, and better position of scaling notes, editing maps with SOTI Design Studio is clear in all lighting conditions.

Transparent Background

As an additional export option, you can now export PNG files with transparent backgrounds on top of existing methods like Design Studio and SVG files.