1.0.1 -- January 23, 2023

Upgrade Requirements

SOTI Cloud Link Agent 4.1.2 and Broker 2.0.1, releasing on Jan 11th, include resolutions for Indoor Location connection stability issues. We recommend upgrading these services along with Indoor Location to ensure the best experience.

Release Highlights

Map Portal

On the Map Properties card, statistical information such as Network Connectivity and Management Status charts are reorganized to a different tab. Moving this information to a different tab gives the Map Properties card a cleaner look and saves screen space, reducing the number of clicks you need to access critical information on your managed locations.

Improved data auditing now provides more detailed information in Indoor Location Map view and Zones view.

Geofences and Exclusion Zones

Creating and editing Geofences and Exclusion Zones has become more interactive! You can now adjust the existing shapes by clicking and dragging their corner nodes to different positions. The opacity of the shapes is lowered to improve visibility of the area that the zones are drawn on top.

The Geofences view has been redesigned to include more of the functionality and data related to Exclusion Zones. The Geofences View tab is renamed to Zones View, and the table underneath the map in Zones View now includes Exclusion Zones created in the location, in addition to showing Geofences.

System Improvements

Exception Handling

Error detection has been added for the Cisco CMX Data Provider to explicitly handle all possible scenarios. The log messages now exist in Indoor Location and SOTI MobiControl, which benefits both testing and debugging.

Geofence Detection Improvement

The Geofence Detection Job has been updated to run every 3 to 5 seconds. The updated frequency ensures all movement of devices entering and exiting a geofence is captured for alerting.

Security and Compliance

Get APIs are optimized to improve resistance to external denial of service attacks.

Auto-Refresh Cookies

With this upgrade, Indoor Location cookies are refreshed automatically when the session is about to expire.