SOTI Surf v14.3 Maintenane Release Notes for Android

SOTI Surf v14.3 Maintenance Release Notes for Android

Issues Addressed:

Note: If your Android Enterprise devices have been updated to MobiControl Android Enterprise agent v13.6.0 Build 1366, you must also update your devices with latest SOTI Surf app available from the Google Play Store.

14.3.2 Build 152 (July 03, 2019)

MCMR-18326 Added support for script to enable or disable third-party cookies
MCMR-18537 SOTI Surf refreshed and lost form data when Bluetooth connected or disconnected
MCMR-18666 Device required reboot to apply changes made to SOTI Surf profile configuration

14.3.1 Build 2 (April 02, 2019)

SB-4189 Added ability to configure default values of SOTI Surf app settings
SB-4191 Added ability to print HTML web pages directly from SOTI Surf browser
SB-4192 New script command to set default zoom level of SOTI Surf browser: sendinfo BROWSERZOOMLEVEL value
SB-4200 Improved the user experience of SOTI Surf document editor
SB-4226 Allow users to open files downloaded in SOTI Surf in third party applications