15.2 Maintenance Release Notes for Android


This maintenance release is for Android only.

v15.2.1 Build 6 on September 08, 2020 - Download the SOTI Surf app from the Google Play Store.

Issues Addressed

MCMR-21260 Docking or undocking a device automatically refreshed SOTI Surf and caused on-screen keyboard to appear in front of text fields
MCMR-23294 Often the "Clear SOTI Surf Cache" command sent to a device caused the SOTI Surf browser to crash with an irrevocable error
MCMR-23664 The URL scanner application lost focus when trying to scan URLs in SOTI Surf and produced no output URLs
MCMR-23704 The "Clear SOTI Surf Cache" command did not clear certificates previously selected for authenticating at secured web sites