2.0.1 -- June 16, 2022

Release Highlights

Smart Battery Support for SOTI XSight

To support the Smart Battery feature in SOTI XSight, we have added a new Smart Batteries category that serves to SOTI Marketplace.

Resolved Issues

MP-9550 Community | Profiles were using real names as the default instead of the specified alias
MP-9557 Community | H3 html tag was not formatting text correctly
MP-9559 Community | Replies to an existing comment in a thread were not displayed
MP-9560 Marketplace | Search and Loader were not showing the correct results
MP-9566 Marketplace | The Products tab under SOTI INC. was blank on Marketplace
MP-9578 Marketplace | Products with uploaded resources could not be migrated from 1.0 to 2.0
MP-9579 Community | Article publish timestamps reflected the creation date, not the publish date
MP-9580 Community | The height of the article text editor was insufficient
MP-9583 Marketplace | The search loader displayed results after a long delay
MP-9776 Community | The logout timeout for Community has been increased to 9 hours