2.0.3 -- October 7, 2022

Release Highlights

Sort Community Threads by Latest Response

We have added a new sorting option for our users that allows them to view Community threads based on the Latest Response, putting threads with the most recent responses at the top.

Resolved Issues

MP-9587 Marketplace | SSL Certificates did not match the hostname
MP-9594 Marketplace | Community | Links no longer in use were displayed in some places
MP-9789 Community | Article bottom border lines appeared different from other borders
MP-9794 Marketplace | Clicking ‘Manage Marketplace’ took the user to the bottom of the listing page
MP-9806 Marketplace | Users had a URL encoding error after editing a product
MP-9808 Community | Authors were unable to edit Title and Description of their threads
MP-9810 Marketplace | Community | There was no redirect URL on the Reply to Feedback button in emails
MP-9816 Community | Discussions were submitted multiple times from one click of Submit