SOTI SNAP 3.0.1 Release Notes

Build 17 on June 12, 2021

Download the SOTI Snap iOS agent from the Apple App Store

Important Notes About This Release

iOS device users must upgrade the SOTI Snap agent on their devices. 

Upgrade Requirements

When upgrading the agent, re-enter the Enrollment ID (or email ID) and existing password. A New PIN must also be set if applicable.

Resolved Issues

MADP-33094  Device user is unable to upload photos from the Gallery when using the Camera widget on iPadOS v14.4+
MADP-33356  Device user received incorrect message on file upload failure when device storage permission was not granted to SOTI Snap iOS agent
MADP-33345  Device user was not able to select photos in the Camera widget when the “Selected Photos” permission was applied. Applicable for iOS devices
MADP-33658 Device users did not receive admin messages or app announcements. Applicable to iOS devices