SOTI Snap v1.8.2 Release Notes

Issues Addressed

The following customer reported issues have been addressed:

1.8.2 (April 04, 2019)

MADP-18348 Sections with nested Widgets could not be dragged to a different location in the app canvas
MADP-18619 Under certain circumstances, clicking on an error message within the app editor did not automatically select the affected Widget within the app canvas
MADP-18681 The app report was not displaying data if the field mappings for data retention were modified when publishing the app
MADP-18732 Select Widgets nested within the Layout widget failed to display in the app preview and in the SOTI Snap app
MADP-18817 Data Import and Export failed to invoke with the page OnLoad Event
MADP-18916 Under certain circumstances, the default skin failed to load when editing an app
MADP-19008 Reports in .csv format did not display Asset IDs correctly for non-textual record values such as images and audio files
MADP-19166 A re-enrolled device remained assigned to its previous group instead of the new group specified by its enrollment rule