SOTI Snap v1.9.1 Release Notes

v1.9.1 (June 21, 2019)

Release Highlights

New SOTI Snap Environment in Europe

A new server instance of SOTI Snap is now live for European customers, allowing SOTI Snap to serve customers in different locations with multi-region environments and instances.

The new server operates in parallel with the SOTI Snap instance located in the United States that currently serves global customers. Both servers run on the same codebase.

Changes to Enrollment ID

As of SOTI Snap v1.9.1, new enrollment IDs will be prefixed with either 01 (for US servers) or 02 (for European servers), increasing the enrollment ID to 10 characters.

Existing enrollment IDs will not change and will continue to work for new device enrollments.

Cloud Service Identifies SOTI Snap Environment for Device Enrollment

SOTI Snap v1.9.1 introduces a new cloud service to support multi-region deployments. On initial enrollment of the device, the cloud service will provision the SOTI Snap agent with the details for the designated SOTI Snap environment.

All future enrollments on the agent will occur in the currently designated environment unless the agent is re-installed.

Bug Fixes

MADP-20592 In App Manager, app preview did not work on first attempt


  • SOTI Snap agent will be force-upgraded on user devices to support new features.