SOTI Snap v1.9.2 Release Notes

SOTI Snap v1.9.2 (July 11, 2019)

Release Highlights

Map Widget Improvements

The location marker icons in the Map widget have been updated to more clearly display label text for improved readability. Additionally, SOTI Snap now accepts both .png and .jpg files up to 10 MB for use as custom location markers and will automatically scale down large images to match the default icon size.

General Improvements

SOTI Snap v1.9.2 provides minor improvements to the user interface.

Google Drive subfolders are now clearly presented in a tree structure when creating Data Export rules, making it easy to navigate deeply nested folders.

Secondly, color was added to the icons for help videos in the Properties pane to improve contrast and emphasize their presence to users.

Bug Fixes

MADP-8497 Information listed in the Last Modified column of App Manager was inaccurate
MADP-18940 Widget tab was automatically selected after clicking a widget in Canvas area
MADP-19448 Unsaved changes persisted in Canvas even after returning from a different screen
MADP-19474 Filter criteria was ignored when exporting records and instead all records were exported
MADP-20268 Invalid JavaScript syntax was not detected by JavaScript editor
MADP-20289 REST API failed to invoke in preview for OnBlur Event