SOTI Snap v2.0.2 Release Notes

SOTI Snap 2.0.2 (October 25, 2019) Get the installer for SOTI Snap v2.0.2 from our SOTI Downloads page

Release Highlights

New Widget Blocks in Blockly

Blockly is out of Beta and is now available as a full feature!

Blockly in SOTI Snap 2.0.2 supports new widget blocks:

  • ‘Get’ and ‘Set’ values of checkbox, radio button, rating, date or button widgets
  • ‘Check’ if a particular option is checked for checkbox or radio button widgets
  • ‘Set’ display text for date or button widgets
  • ‘Set’ background color of layout, section or textbox widgets
  • ‘Set’ text color of textbox widget

Launch SOTI Snap Apps Directly from SOTI MobiControl Lockdown

SOTI Snap apps can now be accessed directly from the SOTI MobiControl lockdown menu on Android devices. Previously the lockdown menu could only launch the SOTI Snap agent, which required the device user to perform an extra step to select the SOTI Snap app. Now SOTI Snap apps act like any other lockdown menu item. In addition, the SOTI Snap apps are updated automatically without the user having to refresh the list of available apps in the SOTI Snap agent.

Silent Channel Enrollment with SOTI MobiControl

Silent channel enrollment greatly simplifies SOTI Snap app deployment to both manned and unmanned devices. Administrators can now silently add the first channel to the SOTI Snap agent using package deployment (Android) or application catalog rules (Android and iOS) using SOTI MobiControl.

App developers can create enrollment ID rules that skip the onboarding screens and don’t require a PIN or password. Once the SOTI Snap agent is installed, the agent is enrolled to the channel automatically. You may only install one channel silently. Subsequent channels must be added manually.

Launch SOTI Snap Apps from a 3rd Party App

3rd party app developers can now set the SOTI Snap app to launch from within their own native apps. Developers must copy an intent code for the SOTI Snap app into the source code of their app, linking it to an app element such as a button, text, or image. App users simply need to click the app element to launch the SOTI Snap app.

Barcode Widget Improvements

Trigger a custom sequence of actions when a device scans a barcode or QR code. The new OnScan event for the Barcode widget allows app developers to pull information from a scan and then use that information to execute further actions. The mandatory “Map Scanned Value” action parses information from the scanned barcode or QR code and places the scanned values into specified widgets or variables. From there, app developers can configure further actions to suit their needs.

App developers can ensure that only a single barcode is scanned for a barcode widget by enabling the Overwrite property which overwrites previously scanned barcode data with new information whenever a new barcode is scanned. Additionally, the scanned barcode values can be saved in reports.

Custom Action Debugging

SOTI Snap app developers can now debug issues in Blockly or JavaScript logic before and after the app is published to ensure that apps are working as expected. Add the “Log” block (Blockly) or the Log API syntax (JavaScript) to the start and end of the blocks or code to record log statements for the enclosed sections. While in Preview, the app logs are visible in the developer console. Logs for published apps are available in the Debug report.

Single Sign On across the SOTI ONE Platform

SOTI Snap is now integrated with SOTI Identity to provide a unified SOTI ONE Platform experience. Administrators can manage console users and their roles for all SOTI products including SOTI Snap within SOTI Identity. Console user management will no longer be performed within SOTI Snap console.

Console users log in once and are logged into all related SOTI ONE Platform products.

General Improvements

  • Improved global warnings to speed up the debugging of syntactical app errors and warnings
  • Added new formatting options to define spacing and alignment for choices of radio buttons and check boxes
  • Added ability to configure actions to show custom toast messages against an event for a widget via JavaScript
  • Added support for special characters (with the exception of % & < > { } * | ^ and double space) in names for app elements such as app, page, form, webpage, widgets, hotspots, rules, devices, channels, announcements
  • Made PDF templates for exporting app records available across app versions. Users no longer need to recreate them for every app version.
  • Added ability to re-authenticate Azure AD connection if the current session expires

Bug Fixes

MADP-17754 SOTI Snap app stopped responding if user clicked on a camera widget on Android Enterprise devices with the camera disabled. Now, it provides an explanatory message and continues to work.
MADP-21835 Mapping a large number of app fields with API response fields (received from REST service rules) was very slow
MADP-21919 Reports filter stopped responding after deleting an added rule or group
MADP-21920 Field was not visible on field mapping screen after changing API or response in API in REST service rules
MADP-22067 Fields mappings with API response fields (received from REST service rules) were removed after changing Form or Page name