SOTI Snap v2.1.1 Release Notes

SOTI Snap 2.1.1 (May 16, 2020) Get the installer for SOTI Snap v2.1.1 from our SOTI Downloads page

Release Highlights

External Source Widget Improvements

App users can now search across multiple columns within the external data source. They can also see the values of up to three columns for each entry while searching. These features must be enabled and configured by the app developer.

App developers can now dictate the data format in which an entry chosen by the app users are saved to the server, significantly streamlining their record-keeping by automatically saving entries in the specified format that is useful as per their needs.

Additionally, the external data widget now supports a Map Columns action on “Select/ Unselect” event. The map columns action allows app developers to map columns within the external source to a field within the app or to an app environment variable. When an app user selects an entry from the external data widget, the associated fields or variables are populated with the values from the mapped columns. If the app user makes a new selection or no selection at all, the app fields or variables are updated accordingly.

The map columns action is not supported when the allow multiple selections setting is enabled.

New Blockly Blocks: App Environment Variables

App developers can leverage app environment variables within the SOTI Snap implementation of Blockly. You can either set the value in the variable or get the value from the variable using ready-made blocks in the SOTI Snap Blockly Toolbox.

Control Edits to App Records

App developers can now control whether app users can modify the records of other users. When publishing your app, if you enable the new Allow Other Devices to Edit setting nested under Two- Way Data Sync, app users can edit the records of other users. Otherwise, app users can view records submitted by other users but not edit them. They can still edit their own records. “Allow other devices to edit” setting is turned off by default.

General Changes

  • Added new data format customization for the following widgets:
    • Check box
    • Drop down
    • Radio
    • Rating

    The new setting supports text and applicable macros and determines how records appear when exported to Reports and Data Export rules

  • Increased image size in PDF records from 140 px to 700 px
  • Added new setting, “Don’t show empty fields”, that hides cells with no values in PDF that are exported through data export connection rules or downloaded directly from reports section.
  • Added search to Blockly editor so users can quickly and easily find blocks
  • Improved debug reports so app users can send debug reports from the agent even if it stops responding

Known Issues

  • When adding a source to an External Data widget, SOTI Snap adds empty columns to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and CSV* files whose column headers contain commas (that aren't column separators)
    • * This occurs even when semi-colons are the designated column delimiters

Bug Fixes

MADP-24904 Widget values were sorted randomly when exported to a Google Drive folder as a PDF
MADP-24945 Adding a port number to REST Service URL made it invalid
MADP-25457 Submitted records were not synchronized to Google Drive or FTP servers
MADP-25570 Run JavaScript action was not consistently triggered when added to Image Hotspots
MADP-25762 Rarely, the agent stopped responding on Android devices enrolled with no PIN or password
MADP-26128 Images did not render properly after submitting a form while in Preview mode