SOTI Snap 3.1.1 Release Notes

November 21, 2021

Download the SOTI Snap iOS agent from the Apple App Store

Important Notes About This Release

  • SOTI Snap 3.1.1 android agent is now available in the Google Play Store.
  • SOTI Snap supports the latest versions of Android 11 and iOS 15.

Upgrade Requirements

The upgrade to SOTI Snap 3.1.1 Android agent is optional. However, to auto-enroll devices using SOTI MobiControl, the agent must be version 3.1.1.

General Improvements

  • Support for Android 11 has been added. Please refer to the updated help documentation for additional steps required for enrollment using SOTI MobiControl
  • Added ability to delete rules that are not used in live apps
  • Duplicate server-side script rules can now be created
  • Minor changes (e.g., parameter name) can be made in server-side script rules for live apps

Resolved Issues

MADP-35227 Letters such as 'g, q and y' were cut off from the bottom of the label widget in SOTI Snap IDE
MADP-35228 Sections with widgets inside could not be dragged and dropped
MADP-35425 Older versions of an app could not be cloned
MADP-35561 Sections could not be dragged and dropped between two other sections
MADP-35622 Warnings were incorrectly displayed for apps with a hamburger menu that could not be resolved
MADP-35949 Inline warnings were not visible when the widget ID was changed