MobiControl v14.1.4 Release Notes

14.1.4 Build 1693 (May 29, 2018)

MD5 Checksum: 722b165f45570c667f1d4feca111c94f

Upgrade Observations


  • The MobiControl installer will warn on upgrade if it detects Profiles with the Webroot powered "Web Filter" and/or "Antivirus" device configurations. Future upgrades will not be allowed unless all "Web Filter" configurations are transitioned to "SOTI Surf", and all Android device agents are upgraded to v13.5 or higher to continue support for Antivirus.

Bug Fixes

Administrative Console (New UI)

MC-50780 Occasionally, root level device groups temporarily disappeared from the Device Group list when scrolling through large group hierarchies
MC-52586 Improved various user interface components for better visibility


MC-43260 File Sync rules behaved erratically when targeting devices assigned to virtual groups
MC-47028 Device count for online devices displayed in Console did not match device count in database
MC-49265 Under certain conditions, enrolled devices exceeded the purchased license count
MC-49547 Changed unknown device property values to display 'Unknown' rather than 'N/A'
MC-50320 Improved unenrollment process to prevent multiple unenrollment actions sent to same device
MC-50950 Console users without "Revoke Certificate" permissions were able to see (but not complete) the "Revoke Certificate" device action
MC-51163 Improved logout behavior for users logged into multiple sessions while using IdP
MC-51168 In rare cases, profiles were not assigned or revoked on devices until a manual check in was completed
MC-51570 Updated Cloud Link Agent copyright text to be consistent with other MobiControl components
MC-51663 Profiles and Rules tabs loaded slowly when moving from Device main view
MC-51809 Console users were not immediately logged out upon timeout
MC-51862 After upgrade, some console users were granted permissions they did not have previously
MC-52080 Truncation was not performed during nightly maintenance for devices collecting custom data
MC-52183 Some devices appeared offline if connected to a secondary deployment server in a load-balanced environment
MC-52233 Application Catalog rules containing multiple applications with the same dependencies were not saved
MC-52399 Fixed a security vulnerability
MC-52455 Limited device group nesting to 20 levels
MC-52582 In rare cases, upgrades from v13.3 - v14.1.1 caused login errors
MC-52698 After upgrade from 14.1.0, newly enrolled devices did not appear in Devices list
MC-52876 Clarified the explanatory text in the Settings Manager profile configuration dialog box
Improved various reports
MC-53094 Elastic search experienced difficulties when the amount of free space on disk drive was low
MC-53094 Improved speed of device information retrieval for devices with large number of custom data, custom attributes or installed applications
Expired application (APPX/XAP) certificates could cause upgrade to experience difficulties
MC-53175 Improved the update process from platform specific license files to premium license files
MC-53886 Removed arbitrary strength unit for reporting cellular signal strength as a data collection item
MC-54179 In some reports, the report name in the Console did not match the report name in the generated report
MCMR-10130 After upgrade, profile names contained trailing white space
MCMR-12117 Improved SIM card detection
MCMR-13724 Fixed the error message for a file sync error
MCMR-13799 Too many worker threads in Deployment Server led to device disconnects when pushing files
MCMR-13908 Occasionally, the Console experienced difficulties generating new reports
MCMR-13939 Occasionally, the Deployment Server rejected a device snapshot and caused the device to repeatedly check in
MCMR-13952 In rare cases, the agent did not receive the configuration for custom data
MCMR-14172 Web Root deprecation caused upgrade error for environments with outdated agents
MCMR-14258 After upgrade, Deployment Server cached some iOS application information causing excessive RAM usage


MC-46988 Enrolling Samsung ELM devices generated errors in the Deployment Server logs
MC-51170 Improved user interface of the Android Enterprise bindings dialog box
MC-51620 Updated the Copy/Paste device feature control option
Improved implementation for EMM API of Android Enterprise applications
MC-53074 Removed the 'Disable Airplane Mode' option from the Android Enterprise feature control profile configuration
MCMR-12873 Clarified the function of a device feature control option


MC-52893 iOS 11.3 devices with no available OS updates, reported errors when 'Scan for OS Updates' or 'Refresh OS Update Status' device actions were initiated
MCMR-13052 Updated the iOS SDK to allow apps to only use the remote view functionality

Window Mobile/CE

MC-54934 Windows Mobile devices failed to receive Lockdown profile configuration
MCMR-12766 After upgrade, Windows CE devices incorrectly appeared as offline in the Console

Windows Modern

MC-48881 Deleted Windows Modern devices continued to appear in Devices List in Console
MC-51782 Updated File Sync rules setting for updating devices during check in for Windows Modern devices
MC-52033 Windows 10 Professional in S Mode devices appeared as Windows 10 Professional devices in Device Details panel
MC-52369 Metadata error caused Windows Information Protection profile configuration to erroneously block allowed applications
MC-52646 Removed unsupported option from WEP WiFI profile configuration for Windows Modern devices
MC-53166 Improved deployment of Windows Modern certificates
MC-53669 On screen keyboard did not work while device was in Lockdown mode on devices running Windows 10 (1709)