MobiControl v14.2.2 Release Notes

14.2.2 Build 1170 (January 14, 2019)

MD5 Checksum: 1c2c1636933f325a9efc51e9f622053f

Upgrade Observations

  • The MobiControl installer will warn on upgrade if it detects Profiles with the Webroot powered "Web Filter" and/or "Antivirus" device configurations. Future upgrades will not be allowed unless all "Web Filter" configurations are transitioned to "SOTI Surf", and all Android device agents are upgraded to v13.5 or higher to continue support for Antivirus.

Features and Improvements


  • MobiControl now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2017 database.
  • Increased the number of files that can be negotiated with the device during file sync from 200 to 800, allowing quicker file transfer between device and server.


  • Added ability to enable Time Synchronization on an Android Enterprise devices via the SOTI MDM plugin.
  • Added ability to assign profiles based on charging status of device.
  • Renamed ‘Battery Status’ property in Data Collection rule to ‘Battery Percentage for Zebra devices (including Motorola) which support MX version
  • Added two new properties to Data Collection rule: ‘Battery Charge Cycle’ and ‘Battery Health Percentage’ for Zebra devices (including Motorola) which support MX version


  • Added ability to perform action ‘Set Wallpaper’ at device group level.
  • Added new options to Restrictions profile configuration:
    • Disable managed to unmanaged contacts writing
    • Disable unmanaged to managed contacts reading
    • Disable modifying cellular plans


HoloLens Improvements

  • Added new profile configurations:
    • Assigned Access: Kiosk
    • Assigned Access: Configurations
    • Authentication
    • Feature Control
  • Added ‘Wipe’ as new device action
  • Added support for Azure based enrollment


The following REST APIs were introduced in MobiControl 14.2.2:

  • Device groups (PUT)
    • Set wallpaper on devices which are part of a group.
  • Security (GET)
    • Report on whether the current user has access to actions, and whether the user has access to the actions on a specific asset (device / device group). The response is a “Yes”/” No” Boolean.

Bug Fixes


MC-63879 Deleting Azure AD from Directory Service caused an internal server error
MCMR-14285 Occasionally, uploading multiple items in Content Library that were separated by spaces, caused internal server errors
MCMR-15721 Hardware serial number from Zebra printers did not appear in Console
MCMR-16228 Server stopped responding after logs filled disk space to maximum capacity
MCMR-16508 Added IP address validation for URL field in Web Clip dialog box
MCMR-16663 Settings Manager did not properly adjust to fit screen on displays smaller than 480 x 320 px