MobiControl v14.3.2 Release Notes

14.3.2 Build 1171 (April 16, 2019)

MD5 Checksum: b61edc022cd6c8ce7920cd84dd6c0fd1

Upgrade Observations

  • The MobiControl installer will warn on upgrade if it detects Profiles with the Webroot powered "Web Filter" and/or "Antivirus" device configurations. Future upgrades will not be allowed unless all "Web Filter" configurations are transitioned to "SOTI Surf", and all Android device agents are upgraded to v13.5 or higher to continue support for Antivirus.

Features and Improvements


Improved transparency regarding which devices are affected by assignments. Previously, when assigning new settings such as profiles, it was unclear how many devices would be targeted. Now, a counter of Total Devices Targeted will be visible on all assignment screens.

Bug Fixes

MC-60870 User groups for LDAP were incorrectly listed when attempting to add Identity Provider groups to an add devices rule
MC-67125 In a multi-server setup, management service crashed when one of the deployment servers was manually stopped
MC-69565 Directions menu disappeared if hidden and then re-exposed in the Locations tab of the Device Information panel
MC-69958 Search settings field did not work in the iOS LDAP profile configuration
MCMR-16842 XML custom data was not applied to Android devices enrolled as Profile Owner
MCMR-17155 Header graphic specified for apps in iOS application catalog rules did not appear correctly on devices
MCMR-17234 Unable to enroll VMWare Windows Servers due the device ID character length which exceeds the allowed character length in the database
MCMR-17344 Upgrading from SOTI MobiControl v13.4 to v14 was failing due to an unexpected value in the database
MCMR-17448 Removed Firmware as a filter criteria from non-Printer platform add devices rules