MobiControl v14.3.3 Release Notes

14.3.3 Build 1111 (May 07, 2019)

MD5 Checksum: 5c03d68f8aa83d9349e5d28df1252ec2

Upgrade Observations

  • The MobiControl installer will warn on upgrade if it detects Profiles with the Webroot powered "Web Filter" and/or "Antivirus" device configurations. Future upgrades will not be allowed unless all "Web Filter" configurations are transitioned to "SOTI Surf", and all Android device agents are upgraded to v13.5 or higher to continue support for Antivirus.

Features and Improvements


  • Added 3 months and 5 months as interval options within the Task Scheduler profile configuration for the Android Plus platform

Bug Fixes

MC-67088 Device logs incorrectly reported which user performed a check-in action
MC-73877 Newer versions of iOS B2B apps were not automatically installed by MobiControl
MCMR-17580 After upgrading to v14.3.0, users could not log into console if they belonged to a directory service connection with an LDAP server type of either “Other LDAP” or “Domino”
MCMR-17594 Users could not log into console if domain prefix was included with username
MCMR-17596 After upgrading to v14.3.0, if multiple LDAP connections pointed to the same LDAP server, users could not perform any LDAP related actions
MCMR-18064 Searching for App Store apps in iOS App Catalog Rules did not return matching apps available in the App Store