4.1.2 -- January 10, 2023

Release Highlights

SOTI Cloud Link Broker (Cloud Link Broker 3.0) Enhancements

SOTI Cloud Link Broker has now been updated with the latest .NET 6 components, ensuring secure and consistent communication between the latest versions of SOTI MobiControl and SOTI Cloud Link Agent.

Note: Cloud Link broker 2.0.1 (build 185) is .NET 3 based and can still be used while installing SOTI MobiControl versions 15.5 and below. For SOTI MobiControl versions 15.6 and above, Cloud Link Broker 3.0 (build 200) must be used.

Resolved Issues

CLA-789 GRPC channels were not closed when recreated
CLA-790 CLA repeatedly called Indoor Location when the broker was offline

Upgrade easily and seamlessly from version 4.1.1 by simply running the installer.

Learn more at the SOTI Cloud Link Agent product documentation.