SOTI Surf 15.5 Maintenance Release Notes

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15.5.2 (August 10, 2022)

Resolved Issues

MCMR-30057 A white bar was displayed at the bottom of pages when the Auto Hide Top and Bottom Bars setting was enabled
MCMR-30813 A blank area was displayed at the bottom of Microsoft Outlook webpages
MCMR-30922 The content of some webpages was only partially displayed
MCMR-30931 Photos could not be uploaded using Google Camera
SB-6691 Incorrect UI text was displayed when the Address bar was hidden

15.5.1 (May 2, 2022)

Release Highlights

Upload Multiple Files

This update adds the ability to upload multiple files at a time using SOTI Surf for Android.

Resolved Issues

MCMR-30215 On some Android devices image files were downloaded with a .bin file extension
MCMR-30429 On some Android devices SOTI Surf was loading blank page with native lockdown
SB-6391 A thin bar was visible on some items on the Download screen
SB-6470 SOTI Surf crashed when launched from the background