2024.0.1 -- Build 4699 -- January 22, 2024

Upgrade Considerations

  • This version of SOTI XSight is not backwards compatible with earlier versions of the Android Chat Service Agent. Devices must be upgraded with the latest version of the Android Chat Service Agent.

Note: This can be done by using the Generate XSight Agent functionality after upgrade.

  • SOTI XSight now enforces database collation property. The following upgrade path must be followed to ensure a successful database migration:
    • From 2024.0.0 and 4.3.2 directly upgrade to 2024.0.1
    • From 4.3.1 and earlier, upgrade to 4.3.2 then 2024.0.1
    • From SOTI Assist, upgrade to SOTI XSight 4.2.1, then 4.3.2 and then 2024.0.1

Download Links for Agents - Version 2024.0.1


Resolved Issues


Upgrades of SOTI XSight from 4.3.2 to 2024.0.0 were failing when the SOTI XSight Database was not using the SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS collation


External user groups were not inheriting SOTI XSight permissions based on role assignment from SOTI MobiControl 


Live View and Live Chat did not start if device did not have an Analysis Profile 


Live View not showing data when SOTI XSight Dashboard Service was running on a custom port 


SOTI XSight Android Agent was crashing when the device had an incompatible XT Socket Plugin installed 


Users were unable to update an existing report using the “Save As” functionality 


Emails for Scheduled Reports contained CSVs for all dashboard charts but only device/application/battery lists should have been shown 


When previewing device snapshots of Linux devices, the list of all installed apps was incomplete 


Users with the “System Administrator” roles were unable be added as assignees to incidents 


Command line installation would fail if SOTI MobiControl database name was not “MobiControlDB” 


Users were unable to configure multiple IMAP accounts under the same hostname 

Known Issues


After upgrade to 2024.0.1, previously created reports and scheduled reports do not function as expected and need to be resaved 


On environments with multiple SOTI XSight Dashboard Services, batteries cannot be imported via CSVs 


Device snapshots saved in an incident cannot be previewed when migrating from 4.2.1 to 4.3.2 or from 4.2.1 to 2024.0.0 or from 4.3.2 to 2024.0.0 



On environments with multiple SOTI XSight Dashboard Services, the master SOTI XSight Dashboard Service can end up in a race condition that causes the Operational Intelligence dashboards to not show data 



Private key for SOTI XSight Agent certificate is not being generated by the SOTI XSight Admin Utility 


Users cannot select existing incidents when attaching it to a Standalone RC session 


Incident raised via the self-service portal is shown as being reported from the phone 



Users without the “Create/Edit Public Notes” or the “Create/Edit Private Note” permission can create/edit incidents 


Sorting on the cellular data usage column is not correct for large deployments