4.3.1 -- April 6, 2023

Release Highlights

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Remote Control for Zebra WorkStation Connect Devices

Remote Control functionality has been enhanced to allow users to interact with secondary displays on Zebra WorkStation Connect Devices. Users will be able to choose between interacting with the device’s primary and secondary displays.

Analytics for Honeywell Smart Battery Devices

You can now track and manage Honeywell smart battery devices on the XSight Smart Battery Dashboard.

Search for Multiple Values Within the Same Search Parameter

SOTI XSight now allows users to enter more than one field when selecting a specific parameter and performing searches on all Operational Intelligence Dashboards.

Enhancements to Signal Strength Charts

Signal strength charts on the Last Location and Signal Strength Dashboards can now be configured by the user.

Visit the online help for detailed information about SOTI XSight features and functionality.

Resolved Issues

XS-6438 SOTI XSight had to be reinstalled when SOTI MobiControl root certificate is changed
XS-6622 Users were not being shown message to wait for RC while waiting for connection to device
XS-8036 Email notifications were not working
XS-8097 Devices from added SOTI MobiControl instances could not be selected and assigned to incidents
XS-8128 Live Chat did not work when Chat Service was installed on custom port
XS-8130 Technician cameras were not turned off when a call was put on hold immediately after turning on the camera
XS-8146 Unread chat notifications were not updated when browser was out of view or minimized for an extended period and the Support Session timed out
XS-8150 After upgrading, logging into native login pages failed due to browser frontend caching
XS-8157 Users were not able to delete incident groups
XS-8159 Draft incidents remained in the system, were not visible to users, but could be directly navigated to