4.0.1 -- February 22, 2022

SOTI XSight 4.0.1 Maintenance Release Notes

This release includes the following new features:

Release Highlights

Signal Strength Dashboard Improvements

Signal Strength heatmap color and intensity now precisely represents the area it covers.

Easier Installation of SOTI XSight for Offline Environments

For offline installations, required PowerShell modules and providers are now automatically installed by the installer, eliminating the need for an administrator to manually download and install them.

Resolved Issues

XS-3392 SOTI XSight Agent Service failed to process data submissions from the SOTI XSight agent on European English environments
XS-3955 The installer failed to communicate with databases that included an @ sign in their name
XS-4060 Linux web console and terminal were not working
XS-4062 Processing inbound emails occasionally caused errors
XS-4285 Batch import of devices and groups from SOTI MobiControl failed
XS-4300 SOTI XSight agent failed to request a device analysis profile configuration from the SOTI XSight Agent service.